Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Skim Boarding in Oregon

Water is fun with just swim trunks but its more fun with…
Skim boarding!!!
 Living in Alberta I don't have any source of salt water near by so that I can surf or do any other ocean related sports. So when I went to Oregon the cheapest type of board I was told was a skim board. The history of skim boarding is rather interesting. The first skim boards were just pieces of wood that life guards 
used to skim up and down the beach. [I think the sun eventually got to them] Now skim boarding is more technically advanced than surfing, however skim boarding is much less popular than the sport of the waves. 
However simple, skim boarding is hard the first few times. I think I still have sand in my ears. 
Marbles, completely oblivious to all this, was proceeding to continue the hole to China.


  1. Well you sure do your research on things! Good for you!!...And Marbles....she is too cute. Miss you guys!!!xoxo

  2. looks like you were having fun...but I think the furbaby may have been having more fun...

  3. Hahaha....I wonder how far she got to China?:)
    Neato...I want to try that! We all need to vacation together I think....