Monday, 21 November 2011

Nutcracker Christmas

Do you decorate with nutcrackers at Christmas?

We found this one for my dad who is a fire fighter!
Do you know who invented the nutcracker?
Interesting huh?


  1. A very cute nutcraker for sure!
    Aristotle? What did he need a nutcracker for?:)))

  2. I just love him...he is soo cute!! I have a few grandkids like them:)

  3. I love Nutcrackers...we have a big Daughter performed in the Nutcracker for 10 or 11 years...she started out as a baby mouse at 4 years old...was Clara (the main charachter) at 9 years old..she even produced 2 Nutcracker shows of her own for kids 4-12...

  4. Thats cool. I saw The Nutcracker a few years ago and I really wanted to be Clara: ) My friend was in the Nutcrakcer I think two times.