Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Here it is! (late)

Sorry there was no post for Christmas or about snow boarding and skiing sooner.Anyways here it is!
Well first of all it was lots of fun. When we first got there there was no one there. Except for the staff. So we got our ski ticket then we went literally down to the rental shop my brother already has a snow board and boots so he just needed a helmet. Me on the other hand had nothing so we got the full thing for me (and my cousin who was skiing with me and my other cousin who was snow boarding.) I was fitting my helmet on then all of a sudden this school showed up with kids around 7 and 8 years old. Well, when we got to the hill there was the T bar and a towrope that only went about a quarter up the slope. So of course we went on the tow rope first considering that we had never been on a ski hill before. When I got to the top of the tow rope I thought "Great, it's time for me to make a fool of myself!" I started to gain speed. I didn't really think of weaving at the moment. When I got to the bottom I didn't know how to stop so I yelled to my mom,"I can't stop!" Then I kinda sat down on my skis and put my hands on the ground and finally I stopped. Well after that I decided to weave and then I went up the t bar with out falling! When I got to the t bar i got in position and went up the hill. Over all it was really fun. Guess what!! We get to go on Thursday! I got a ski helmet for christmas and so did my brother. Im super excited! Well hope you all had a good Christmas!!

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday, 12 December 2011

Skiing and Snowboarding

Tomorrow we are going to go skiing and snowboarding at the Canyon ski hill. I'm quite excited. We are going with our cousins whose mom is the maker of Just One Life a very interesting blog with lovely photography. I decided I am going to ski. My brother is going to snowboard. I would snowboard but there is two reasons I'm not going to. One- Last time I snowboarded I ran into a trampoline and my leg hurt for  couple of days. Two- One of my cousins is snowboarding and my other cousin is skiing. So I'd rather hang out with someone who is skiing rather then snowboarding plus, I'm not the best at snowboarding. I will publish a post about how it went on probably Wednesday or Tuesday. We will see. 
A snowman I made.
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