Thursday, 27 October 2011


Im really exited for tomorrow because it is opening night for the production Annie!! I can't wait! I dyed my hair for the show because we all didn't like the look of the wig. So now I am a red head! I don't think I look to bad do I?
I think I'm ready but i keep on forgetting about one line but Daddy Warbucks  always covers up for me so I guess if I forget he will do the same thing that he did last night. Other than that I think I'm ready. Oh yeah and Im not sure about my tap dance and Sandy the dog (otherwise known as Lika) keeps on pulling me of the stage so i still need to practice with him I'm hoping everything goes okay mom says it will. So wish me luck on my performance! (or to break a leg!)


  1. Break a leg pretty the red hair...make sure someone does a video so you can show us...

  2. Love your hair!! But I still love the natural You better:)... I won't wish you luck sweetie... I'll be praying for you girl... You will do great. Love you lots! xo Can hardly wait to see it!!!

  3. Ooooh....I like your hair Annie~Arika.
    Love you...can't wait to see you perform!!!!