Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Did you know that pumpkins can ripen even after they have been cut from the stem and carved? I do now! Frost comes quick in Canada so we had to cut and run with the pumpkins.[literally]

Soon after we picked out pumpkin designs from here we began carving.

My pumpkin, at the time, was ripe. My sisters was still green so she choose a different one and as I look at her once green pumpkin on the mantle, it is now sporting a tiger orange colour. I hope my pumpkin lasts till Halloween.

 To get the most fun out of my pumpkin I put a baby monitor in it and made it scream. No one noticed of course until I put Johnny Cash "Ride This Train" through the speaker. I hope you all had as much fun as I did on Thanksgiving Weekend!


  1. Cool... Love the designs and what a need idea to put a baby monitor in the pumpkin!

  2. Haha...I hope you didn't tell your cousins your monitor trick? They would think that pretty cool:)
    I sure like all your hard work...they're beautiful pumpkins!

  3. you did great on your pumpkins...cool idea with the baby monitor...I love Johnny Cash..

  4. Wow what great pumpkin carving!!!!
    This the best I have ever seen.
    It is the way pumpkins should be carved.

    Keep up the great work!!!