Sunday, 19 February 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is my Pops birthday and right now he is enjoying the Arizona sun for his birthday. Since he is not here in Canada I have decided to do a post for him
This is him when he was five.
I would like to thank him for helping me woodwork in the shop and tying endless woolly buggers for fishing.
Happy Birthday Pops     


  1. Oh Landon this is so so sweet!! I hope pops remembers how to comment:)....he is quite happy with this post...if he can't comment!! We had a great day... he got a free breakfast at Denny's...then we hiked a little...visited Dateland...drove some back roads.... explored the foothills in Yuma...when for a Mexican supper...he is now stuffed:)

  2. Hi Guys,

    This is a very nice post and I appreciate the Happy Birthday wish very much!!!!
    Each one of you grand kids are so unique and wonderful and Bamms and i are truly blessed!!!
    We had a great day and look forward to the time when we can get home to see you!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!
    Take care,

    Love Pops

  3. awesome post...just love your family