Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Apron Making

Here is my post about my apron:
If you saw my post before called Weekend Plans then you will know what this is about.
First we looked at the instruction book…that's always a good idea!!

When I looked at what the finished product was supposed to look like, I didn't think mine would turn out like the picture!
I layed out my fabric and then placed  the pattern on top. 
Pinning is not my favorite thing to do but cutting is!!

We did the darts on both materials (my opinion is: darts are hard!!!!)

We followed the pattern and did lots of sewing. Most of the time I worked on the straps - which is kind of hard. I had four of them to do. My grams ;) was working on her Arizona Quilt. It was really cute.
As I got closer to the finish I thought "I'm going to help her make supper in my new apron!" After I sewed all the straps I turned them inside out. Grams;) did the ruffle for me considering I don't really know how to do it. (Yet!)

I'm almost done!! 
 I sewed the back and the front together….

Then after I finished I put it on Diana, the mannequin. (After I measured to see who had a bigger waist!)
I was all done. I had to admit, it looked pretty good!!! 

It fits quite good. I'm thinking of maybe making more aprons because they are fun!! I have some extra material. I have a lot of the flowered material and not much of the yellow. Some of the yellow I used to make patterns on. I helped my Grams;) teach sewing and she was showing me how they are going to zigzag all the way around their pants their making. Which I have upstairs in my room I'm going to hand sew the rest of it and use it for my barbies to wear when making an apron.


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  1. you did a wonderful job, I am sure your Grams is very proud of you....

  2. It turned out beautiful! You are a wonderful sewer:)...It was soo much fun.

  3. ADORABLE! I couldn't do that...or I sure wouldn't have the patience;)