Monday, 12 December 2011

Skiing and Snowboarding

Tomorrow we are going to go skiing and snowboarding at the Canyon ski hill. I'm quite excited. We are going with our cousins whose mom is the maker of Just One Life a very interesting blog with lovely photography. I decided I am going to ski. My brother is going to snowboard. I would snowboard but there is two reasons I'm not going to. One- Last time I snowboarded I ran into a trampoline and my leg hurt for  couple of days. Two- One of my cousins is snowboarding and my other cousin is skiing. So I'd rather hang out with someone who is skiing rather then snowboarding plus, I'm not the best at snowboarding. I will publish a post about how it went on probably Wednesday or Tuesday. We will see. 
A snowman I made.
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  1. Well I hope you have a wonderful time.
    Now WHO would leave a trampoline in the middle of the snow hill??? That's just Silly!

  2. I know it's very forgetful. tsk tsk ;)

  3. have safe...tell your Aunt Dawn howdy from the ladybug from Texas...

  4. A trampoline in the snow hill?? Where were you snowboarding girl??? You will have fun skiing... you know I have not skied for years...since my kids were teenagers... and the last time I was hit by a snowboarder!! soooo have fun...and make sure no snowboarders hit you!!

  5. oh I was going to say your picture of the snowman is great!! I was out taking pictures...and snuck a picture of use on my blog...but you picture turned out MUCH better!!!